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Sarovar 2011


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Indo-American Festival of Performing Arts - Sarovar 2011 :
For Global Peace & Harmony

Date : May 6, 7 & 8, 2011
Venue : Varner Hall, Oakland University
2200 N Squirrel Rd, Rochester, MI 48309 (248) 370-2100

Free parking is available in several lots adjacent to Varner Hall, including Lot 36, 26 and 24.

Click here for directions

Oakland U Map (select Varner Hall)



Program Details :

GLAC is partnering with the Oakland University to present the 'Indo-American Festival of Performing Arts - Sarovar 2011'. This is the first ever, one of a kind music festival held at the Oakland University campus for the sake of global peace and harmony!

The festival will be held on May 6th, 7th and 8th featuring several concerts by top notch musicians, lecture demonstrations, fusion music, dance-drama and light music concerts. Over 1000 people are estimated to participate in this 3-day extravaganza which includes the finest local businesses in the area to set up booths at Oakland University for food, entertainment and networking.

This is a sneak peek on the 3 day festival (stay tuned for more updates on this page..)

Gate prices for Non-Members:

bulletMay 6th Inaugural day  : $20/person for adult / $15/person for Sr. citizen/student
bulletMay 7th/8th whole day : $30/person for adult / $20/person for Sr. citizen/student
bullet5/7 Ragamalika or 5/8 dance tickets only : $15 / person


GLAC has negotiated special rates from Extended Stay Deluxe Hotel conveniently located from the Oakland University

Two double     $71.24/night
Queen size     $61.74/night
King size        $66.49/night

Address: 2100 Featherstone Road, Auburn Hills MI

Please ask for Mark Pascoe (248 335 5200 Ext 1101) for the special rates


Flute recital with Maestro Shashank
Akkarai Kumari Subhalakshmi (Violin)
Parupalli Sri Phalgun (Mrdangam)

Maestro Shashank stormed into the music world at the age of seven. He was the youngest musician to have been invited by The Music Academy, Chennai to perform the senior most slot of The Music Academy, (often performed by Legends of Indian Classical Music), at the age of 12 - a record yet to be broken in the history of South Indian Music.



Vocal Concert by Savita Narasimhan
Keerthana Sankar (Violin); Vinod Seetharaman (Mridangam)

Born to a family of music connoisseurs, Savita began learning Carnatic music at an early age from Sankara Sarma. She also had the privilege of training under Rama Ravi and O V Subramaniam, besides learning Tiruppugazh from A S Raghavan. Since 1995, she has been under the tutelage of Chitravina N Ravikiran. She is a recipient of the scholarship for Carnatic classical music instituted by the Government of India.



Aesthetics of Carnatic Music -- an educational presentation (lec-dem) by Madurai R Sundar

A local hometown superstar, Sri Madurai Sundar needs no special introduction.  Born into a family of music, he started learning music from his aunt Smt. Ananthalakshmi Sadagopan and later under Sri. T.N.Seshagopalan. An IT manager with degrees from IIT & IIM under his belt, Sri Sundar also finds time to run a music school in the metro Detroit area.



Smt. Jayalakshmi Santhanam (Vocal)
Smt. Bhargavi Prabhu (Violin)
Sri. Rajasekhar Athmakuri (Mrdangam)

The Pattammal of Andhra

Mrs. Jayalakshmi Santhanam is one of the senior musicians of today. She has been in the Carnatic music field for over 50 years and as the The Hindu writes, “Jayalakshmi Santhanam belongs to the old school of musicians who had the good fortune to imbibe lessons from stalwarts like Harikesanelloor Muthiah Bhagavathar, Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar and V.V Sadagopan.”


Ragamalika”- A unique Carnatic & Movie music presentation by Smt Sowmya & Subhasree Thanikachalam (Jaya TV fame) with a team of winners from “Hariyudan Naan” and “Carnatic Music Idol 2011”



Harikatha 'Katha Kalakshepa' discourse by Sangeetha Kalanidhi Madurai Shri T. N. Seshagopalan
Jay Shankar Balan (Violin) & Rajasekhar Athmakuri (Mridangam)

Madurai Thirumalai Nambi Seshagopalan learnt music under his mother, and later under tutelage of Ramanathapuram C. S. Sankarasivan. He holds a degree in science from Madras University and a degree in music from Madurai University where he serves as professor of music. He is a also a composer and a master of the veena and harmonium and an exponent of harikatha.



Vocal Concert by Sangeetha Swaminathan
Jay Shankar Balan (Violin) & Vinod Seetharaman (Mridangam)

Sangeetha Swaminathan has studied Canatic music from the age of five, first from her father Karur Krishnamurthy and from the illustrious Carnatic vocalist Sudha Raghunathan.





Fusion Music - Shashi Kiran, Chitra Veena Ganesh, V V Murari, Thanjavur Murugabhoopathy in conjunction with Oakland University



The Oakland University team:

Mark Stone - Marimba and Kalimba
Miguel Gutierrez - Drum Set and Percussion
Scott Loudon - Guitar


Thanks to all our volunteers!

To quote a famous American musician - "Music makes the people come together"!

We saw this happen first-hand in the recent Sarovar Festival where the community came together and many volunteers stepped up and helped in all aspects of the festival to make it successful.

One rasikas comment pretty much sums it all:
'Sarovar was a well-organized festival with a great variety of quality concerts and good food. The audio and the auditorium was better than Cleveland! Well done to the team and looks like all the hard work paid off!'

We, from the Sarovar Committee want to chime-in with all the positive feedback received and would like to personally thank, commend, appreciate and applaud all the tireless daunting work of the volunteers who worked almost continuously during those 3 festival. You did a splendid job and lived up to the phrase 'Community support'.

Our volunteers were the real heroes of Sarovar!

This festival would not have been possible without the incredible support from you and hats off to your dedication, tireless help and sleepless nights!


SAROVAR was a super hit and your sacrifices made it happen. On behalf of the GLAC committee, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your contribution to make this festival an outstanding success. The positive comments, e.mails, personal phone calls we have been getting in the last few days shows the enthusiasm of the community. Never before have we seen this much of audience for GLAC and we are humbled by this fact and also the additional responsibility it puts on our shoulders to meet the expectations of this new membership. As our Vote of thanks at the end of the festival had to be curtailed due to time constraints, I'm calling out each one of your contribution. It's your success as well and we will continue to draw upon your services as we embark on newer initiatives.

Ranjani, Sivaram,Ramamurthy, Ambuja: Your contribution at the front desk was one of the most complex ones and with guests streaming-in almost throughout the day, you sat there during the entire festival sacrificing your own enjoyment of the music. Besides, you had documented the source of revenue very clearly such as membership, day pass etc which made it easy for accounting for it easily.

Annapurani, Manjunath and others- You ensured that we all have our coffee just when we needed it! Also, you took on the most thankless job of house keeping, general cafeteria management with a smiling face and no expectations of 'lime light' which is truly praiseworthy.

Roopa Shyamsundar- You contributed an invaluable piece from your house without our asking. In fact I had exactly this in my mind and you saw that and volunteered when we met a the rehearsal on the previous day. The lamp enhanced the prestige of the Inaugural ceremony.

Prabhakar: Your timely call in the morning of the festival helped us set up the chairs well in time before the Inaugural event. You also helped in crowd management for the big events

Nagu, Siva, Padma (Kuppa), Priya, Bob Sundar, Kamakshi, Padma (Sundar), Lalitha, Meena, Maithrey, Without your helping hand, a very critical part of our festival would not have been possible. The high energy of all the artists showed that they were all well taken care of.

Viji, Ravi (Vangipuram), Shiva, Sudhakar, Srinath- For transporting the artists from and to the airports besides bringing them to the auditorium well in time for the performances.

Radhika Ganesan: You made a beautiful garland for TNS even though we literally gave this task to you at the last minute.

Krishnan: Yours was another thankless job and a very tough one. You spent enormous time on your webcast taking the awareness of the festival to a global audience. I know that we are going to have a long and fruitful partnership for a common cause.

Mark Stone and OU team- Your team made enormous contributions and toiled for long hours while getting free advise on how sound system should be managed every few minutes! You took it all in your stride and performed with true professionalism. Hats off to you guys. Mark.. please send this to the entire team as I don't have their e.mail id.

Thank you all and if I have missed out any name it is inadvertent,

Sankar Krishnan
Secretary, GLAC



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