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32nd Annual Thyagaraja Aradhana Festival of Michigan

Saturday May 4, 2019
Chinmaya Mission 'Tapovanam'
6499 Calkins Rd, Flint, MI 48532

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252 yrs of St. Thyagaraja
& 32 yrs of MI Thyagaraja Aradhana T-shirt

Dolothsavam is a segment of the South Indian sampradaya bhajan system conceived and introduced by Brahmasri Bhodendra Swamigal of Govindapuram, Tanjore District. This event continues to be performed even today in several parts of south India and elsewhere.

It is an event placing the Lord and his consort in a silver Mandapam or a rocking cradle and comforting them with offerings, marriage rituals, putting them to
sleep by singing lullabies, waking them to the sound of a rooster, reciting a few lines of suprapadham and Udaya raga song and ending with distribution of prasadams.

Saint Thyagaraja, a great devotee of Rama has composed several songs for Dolothsavam covering all these aspects as a form of aradhana to his adored God Srirama and Seetha devi. It is said that St.Thygaraja used to sing these songs
along with his wife Kanakambha in front of the vigraham of Lord Rama before going to sleep.

Nurani Shivram Mama of Michigan learnt these songs from Brahamashri late Gopalakrishna Bhagawathar of Pudukottiai who visited and camped in Poona for three months in 1950. He has continued to perform these bhajans since then wherever my job took me until I settled în Bombay. I have been performing Sampradaya bhajans in the US at various temples since moving here in 1995.

Dolithsavam event is regularly performed in temples and religious organizations during Rama Navami, Seetha kalyanam, Janmashtami, Radhakalyanam, Thygaraja aradhanas etc.

The main features of dolotsavam are as follows:

1. Inaugural song inviting the Lord to appear and partake in the offerings
2. Offering of milk with condiments and bakshanams
3. Offering Thamboolam with scented spices
4. Upacharam with chamaram, silver umbrella and flowers
5. Rama and Seetha playing with flower ball
6. Nelangu
7. Padhyam
8. Seetha kalyana vaibhogame
9. Oonjal
10. Thalattu (lullaby)
11. Sayanonthsavam
12. Waking up of the Lord
13. Chanting suprabhadam two or three lines
14. Udaya raga song
15. Mangalam — with Nurani Shivram.

Registrations: FREE for members
Non members: Will be asked to donate a nominal amount to the Temple ($25/family)

Thyagaraja Aradhana Registrations (Closed)
(Preference will be given to first timers & groups of 4+)

8.30AM Pooja and Bhajans
9.00AM ‘Pancharathna Krithis’ by GLAC Patrons
10:00AM Thyagaraja's Dolotsavam by Nurani Shivaram & Party
10.30AM Epic Choir Performance by Students of Kasthuri Shivakumar
11:00 AM Student Performances
12.30PM Mangala Arathi
12.30-1.30PM Free Vegetarian Feast
1.30-4:00PM Flute Prodigy Concert (Free Concert)
4:00-6:00PM Student Performances
(Please note that the times might slightly vary based on duration)

Food signup

Singing coordinators: GLAC Singing (sarovarglac@gmail.com)
Food Coordinators: Charu Shankar (charulatha_shankar@hotmail.com)

2019 Registrations:  Group registrations will be given preference over individual performances!  Please wait for the confirmation email from the singing coordinator to confirm your slot.  Appreciate your understanding in this matter.  Please come and support our annual pilgrimage to Flint, MI.

Updates for 2014 and beyond:  To be fair to the visiting artist and the public attending the festivities, we are limiting entries on a first come first serve basis to 55 slots. Not everyone who signs up will be selected.  The singing coordinator will contact you 1-2 weeks before the event.  Appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

The whole day event with food, fun, festivities and a grand concert from traveling artists from India has always been FREE for the community and supporters - courtesy Flint Temple & GLAC. Come, eat, pray, listen and enjoy the musical homage to St Thyagaraja in Michigan.

#Detroit4Flint - Annual Flint Cleanup Program
Join the GLAC volunteer event to clean & spruce up the Flint temple premises on May 13st at 10am. We ask volunteers for only 4-6hrs of time for the noble cause. Lunch will be provided. Click here to register or send us an email to register.


bulletIndividuals and Groups are welcome to register to participate in the event.
It is our intention to accommodate as many participants as possible. However due to time constraints, it may not be possible to accommodate everyone. The following are our guidelines to maximize the participation of the entrants. The names of the entrants will be registered and prioritized according to the order in which the entry requests were received.

Guidelines for Registration

bulletEach participant will be allowed to participate in only one event. The same participant cannot present a solo vocal piece and later join in a group for a second item.
bulletParticipants who choose to perform Varnams or Geethams or Non-Thygaraja Krithis will not be registered for this program.
bulletThe time limit for each participant is 4 minutes. In view of the time constraints, the Krithis have to be rendered without Alapanai or Neraval or Kalpanaswarams.
bulletParticipants who missed the time slot assigned to them in advance, due to late arrival will be accommodated at the end, if only time permits.
bulletAt the time of registration, the participants are required to give the following details for the Thyagaraja Krithi that they are going to perform.

1. Name of Participant
2. Presentation - Vocal/Violin/Veena/Flute/Mridangam etc.
3. Krithi
4. Raagam
5. Thaalam
6. Individual/group – If Group, give names of all participants in the group
7. Age of the participant(s)
8. Contact phone number / email address


bulletA FREE LUNCH will be served between 12.30 and 1.30PM in keeping with the spirit and tradition of the Aradhana.
The following are the Coordinators for the LUNCH to be provided for everyone in attendance on the day of the event: Coordinators:

bulletPlease contact the LUNCH coordinators above if you would like to volunteer to cook food for the Lunch. Donations in the form of Soft Drinks, Napkins, Paper Plates, Plastic Cutlery and even Trash Bags are WELCOME. Your support to volunteer for the food preparation is very much appreciated in advance.

Performance Registrations Information.

Children,Adults, and Groups are welcome to register to participate in this event. The individual singing program will be subject to the following guidelines:

bulletThe krithi chosen to be performed should be only Thyagaraja Krithi.
bulletEach participant will be allowed to participate in only one event. The same participant cannot participate in a solo vocal piece and later participate on an instrument or as part of a group.
bulletThe time limit for each participant is 4 minutes. This time limit will be strictly enforced.

At the time of registration , the participant is required to give the following details for the Krithi that they are going to perform.

bulletName of Participant
bulletMode-Vocal/Violin/Veena/Flute/Mridangam etc
bulletKrithi, Raagam, Thaalam
bulletIndividual/group – If Group, names of all participants of the group
bulletAge of the participant(s)
bulletContact phone number/email address

We will not register participants who choose to perform Varnams or Geethams
The Krithi needs to be rendered without any Alapanai or Neraval or Kalpanaswarams.

It is our intention to accommodate each and every participant. However due to the volume of participants we may not be able to accommodate all of them. We will register all the names and prioritize them as follows

Children will be given preference over adults
Groups will be given preference over individuals
First timers will be given preference over repeat performers

This Thyagaraja Aradhana Program has always been offered FREE.

Your GENEROUS DONATIONS to the Flint Temple are always appreciated on the day of the program. All Donations in the form of CHECK to be written to the favor of The Paschimakasi Temple, Flint, Michigan. Cash donations are also welcome.

We are counting on your generosity and we kindly request all those who plan to attend the program to donate generously and support our temple which has been providing the use of the facilities and has also hosted the event for the past 25years.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support of this annual event.



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