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 GLAC Navaratri Singing Registration

GLAC welcomes you to register to participate in our Navaratri Festival!

bulletYou can enter as an individual or as a group (Groups gets a higher priority over individuals)
bulletThe names will be registered and prioritized according to the order of entry (First come, first serve)
bulletFirst timers & children will be given preference
bulletWe welcome rare krithis and ragas, no varnams please
bulletEach participant will be allowed to participate in only one event (A solo vocalist can't join for another group session)
bulletIf several children are singing the same Krithi and are learning from the same teacher, we may request very young participants to form small groups of 2 to 3 to increase overall participation.
bulletKrithis have to be rendered without Alapanai or Neraval or Kalpanaswarams since the time limit for each participant is 4 minutes.
bulletParticipants who missed their time slot will be accommodated at the end ONLY if time permits.

Registrations: FREE for members


Since this is an annual temple fundraiser, and to be fair to everyone, we have instated a small token donation.  Your contribution will slightly offset the cost of the all day event with food, fun & music for the whole family.  A nominal contribution of $25 per family will be collected on site.  All proceeds go towards the Annual GLAC Bharatiya Temple Navaratri Fundraiser. 

You will be redirected to the Registration page after payment is done.

  • GLAC Navaratri Kolu Contest (Open to GLAC rasikas around the world)

      Annual Navaratri Festival of Michigan

      The Great Lakes Aradhana Committee proudly announces
      The 29th Annual Navaratri Festival
      When : Saturday, Sep 21, 2019
      Where : Bharatiya Temple, 6850 North Adams Road,
      Troy, MI 48098-2166
      (248) 879-2552




      Agenda: Agenda:
      12.30pm : Navaratri Pooja
      1.00pm : Individual Singing
      5.00pm : Detroit 'Thiruppugazh' AnbargaL Special performances
      5.30pm : Free Dinner Feast 'Kalyana Samayal Saadham'
      6:30pm : Natya Kala Sarovar award to Guru Smt Sudha Chadrashekar
      7:00pm : Grand Theatrical

      Performance Registrations:

      Registrations are now open for Individuals and groups performances. Please review the guidelines and register below. The deadline for registrations is COB Sep 13, 2019 or the first 55 registrants!

      Performance Coordinator - sarovarglac@gmail.com

      Thanks for your continued patronage.  You will receive a direct email to register.

      Non members:
      You don't need a paypal account -- all you need is a credit card!
      Once registered, you will be taken to an online form to fill in more details of participation
      Make sure you click on 'Return to Great Lakes Aradhana Committee' link for the online form after the paypal payment
      Door payments will be accepted if you are not comfortable with Paypal

      Food Volunteers:

      Our events will not be successful without our GLAC Annalakshmi's -- the food volunteers. Please sign up to volunteer for food services, we would appreciate if you can sign up and select an item that you can bring. 

      Please plan on bringing the food around 3:00pm and remember that the food needs to be prepared without onion/garlic.

      Food Coordinators:  Charu Shankar & Meena Sankar


      Support our events:
      The whole day of Navarathri Program food and festivities have always been offered FREE for almost three decades.

      Your generous donations are always welcome on the day of the program. All donations will be tax deductible and the proceeds from the day will be donated to The Bharatiya Temple, Troy, Michigan. This year, we have made the process easier and are pleased to offer Online Donations from the GLAC homepage!  You can donate using your credit card from the comfort of your own home. 

      We are counting on your generosity and we kindly request all those who plan to attend the program to donate generously and support the temple which has been providing the use of its facilities free of cost and to also host the event.

      Thank you for your continued support of our events.

      GLAC Organizing Committee


      List of participants for Individual and Group singing

      To be added soon...




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