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2011 Season


Mid-Year Festival
Sangeetha Sivakumar
Kadri Gopalnath

2011 Concert Season:



Last concert of 2011

The Sangeetha Sivakumar concert on Nov 6th at the ISKCON temple was the last concert of 2011.

The temple provided a unique, one of a kind ambience for the rasikas.  The sound system for the hall turned out to be perfect

and call it divine intervention or not; the timing of the aarti and the unveiling of the deities during the final darshan of the

evening coincided with the Krishna themed songs.  The audience were also thrilled to witness the grand deeparadhanai 

in the background during the Mangalam rendition -- what perfect timing and a way to end the concert and the culmination

of all the GLAC events for 2011!  


Overall, it was a good way of ending what was a great year for GLAC.


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